Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cranberry Creek Farm
Tucked away in Paradise, Pennsylvania, Jeff Henry makes Cranberry Creek Farm cheeses from the milk of Normandy cows left free to graze in woods and old, wild pasture. The French breed gives a rich milk perfect for cheese making.
Beginning with a single cow named Delilah, Jeff began making cheese in his kitchen, eventually expanding to a small herd and production facility. Jeffrey sees himself first as a farmer, and recently added several American Alpine goats to the farm with the goal of goat cheeses in the future.
The farm store on property sells all his varieties, not the least of which is the masterpiece of a blue-veined cheese. With a savor and long finish that rivals its European counterparts, there could be nothing finer than a good bottle of wine paired with this.
His aged Tomme, a cheese originated in the French Alps, has a rind that is exceptional, compounding and amplifying all the complexities of this star. To be sure, Cranberry Creek Farm heavyweights are equal to the best cheeses imported.
Apart from a single weekend class in Vermont, Jeff is self-taught and is not afraid to challenge tradition. There is distinction between his batches, not the commercial sameness found from large manufacturers. This art is a labor of love, and Jeff works seven days a week, twelve hours a day, to achieve it.
There is an intricacy to his craft. The soft-ripened brie is cold aged; other cheeses spend at least one year in the “cave,” a temperature-controlled room of wooden boards filled with cheeses in various stages of ripeness, where massive wheels of Romano share space with classic Cheddars. Off to one side are wax-coated Goudas, waiting, waiting like thoroughbreds before a race. They won’t be ready for several months. And he is laying plans to build a smokehouse to finish some of them.
Cranberry Creek Farm cheeses deepen the pleasures of the table. Let them grace yours.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Original copy:

Double Bucks! United Way of Monroe County and Monroe Farmers Market Fight Hunger with an option to double SNAP Purchases
June 29, 2017

The “Double Bucks” Program is an opportunity for SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) participants to DOUBLE their SNAP dollars spent up to $20 a day at Monroe Farmers Market.  This program allows low-income households an opportunity to provide high-quality nutritious food for their families on limited budgets.  The “Double Bucks” program is an incentive to help increase access and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting our local farmers.  In Monroe County, only 8% of residents reported eating the recommended daily allowance of 5 fruits/vegetables a day of which the United Way of Monroe County is hoping to positively impact with this initiative. The advantages of the “Double Bucks” Program are three-fold: SNAP participants have access to high-quality nutritious food, local farmers gain new customers, and more dollars stay within our local economy.
“Healthy food is good medicine that ALL people need,” stated Jennifer Strauch who is leading the efforts behind our local Hunger Coalition. “When we work together, we have the ability to impact lives in a meaningful way and the “Double Bucks” Program is just one part of our larger initiative for Fresh Change in our community”

My copy edit:

It’s a SNAP to Double Your Bucks at Monroe Farmers Market  
United Way of Monroe County fights hunger with an option to double SNAP purchases

United Way’s “Double Bucks” Program is an opportunity for SNAP participants to double up to 20 of their SNAP dollars at the Monroe Farmers Market. The program provides an incentive to increase access and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables to families on limited budgets.
 “Healthy food is good medicine that all people need,” says Jennifer Strauch, who leads the effort behind the local Hunger Coalition. In Monroe County, only 8% of residents report eating a recommended 5 fruits and vegetables every day, a percentage which United Way of Monroe County hopes to increase with this initiative.
Advantages of the “Double Bucks” Program are 3-fold:

·            SNAP participants will have access to high-quality nutritious food
·            Local farmers gain new customers
·            More dollars stay in the local economy
“When we work together, we have the ability to impact lives in a meaningful way,” says Strauch.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Copy Editing Project

Here is a sample of my copy editing. This came from a local farmers market and its intended use is for a Facebook post in the borough that hosts the market.

Original Copy:

MFM believes that through tailored education opportunities, we are instilling and nurturing local food sourcing values within our community. This belief closely aligns with the goals of MFM to increase domestic consumption of, and access to, locally and regionally produced agricultural products. MFM intends to educate members of the general public of all ages therefore encouraging them to become loyal and sustainable customers through several proposed planned initiatives collectively called “Farmers Market Connect.”

Educating the general public regarding farmers markets and local food sourcing is important. The new program entitled, “Farmers Market Connect” will provide local consumers with education on local food sourcing. It will also inspire consumers to apply their new-found knowledge within their homes and lives through covered topics featuring concepts such as healthy eating, seasonal eating, food preservation, gardening, and other important farming concepts. This program will reach targeted age sectors of the community allowing us to promote specific objectives to the demographics they best serve. Overall, Farmers Market Connect will help establish MFM as an authority on fresh foods.

My Copy Edit:

The MFM “Farmers Market Connect” Initiative

Monroe Farmers Market intends to promote locally grown foods in the community through a new educational initiative, the “Farmers Market Connect” program. MFM’s goal is to educate the public of all ages, increase access to and consumption of local foods, and foster a loyal customer base.  

“Farmers Market Connect” will provide instruction on local agriculture, healthy eating, food preservation, understanding seasonal produce, and gardening, inspiring people to apply a world of new-found knowledge in their daily lives. The project will reach different age groups within the community, allowing MFM to advance specific objectives to the individuals best served.

“Farmers Market Connect” will establish Monroe Farmers Market as an authority on the fresh foods of this region.